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About Rania

The small town of Rania which itself is a tehsils, is part of Sisra district and covers an area of 10.63 square kilo-meters. Situated near the Sisra – Jeewan Nagar Road, this small town is well known for its huge grain market. Although a small place, Rania is endowed with all city facilities. There are proper shopping arcades, government civil hospital, private nursing homes, police station, schools and colleges. There is a well laid network of road which connects this town with all major cities of Haryana. The nearest railway station is in Sisra city which is around 20 kilo meters away from Rania town centre.

About Rania
Satguru dham in Rania

History of Rania

Originally Rania was an ancient Muslim village under the rule of the Bhatti Raja. This region was formerly known as ‘Bhattian’ after the ruling king. As per ancient scriptures, the Raja got killed in a fight leaving his wife behind. The Queen threw herself in fire, hence becoming a Hindu ‘Sati’. This in turn changed this place’s name into Rania (to honour the queen) which means the Queen. Being mostly Muslim populated, Rania had few small mosques and a fort built by erstwhile rulers and can be viewed even today. During the British rule, Rania became part of the Sisra Tehsil under the old Punjab region. Post independence, this town became a part of the Haryana state in 1966.

Geography of Rania

The town of Rania is exactly located at 29.53°N 74.83°E at an elevation of 190 metre or 620 feet above the sea level. The place is centrally located from Delhi and Chandigarh, approximately 270 kilo meters away from both the places. Sisra city is the nearest town which also has the railway station present. Rania is surrounded from east, west, north and south by four major tehsils of Haryana namely, Sisra, Ellenabad, Baragudha and Odhan Tehsil. The Rajasthan and Punjab borders are respectively 25kms and 35kms away from Rania.

This part of Haryana is in general hot and dry through out the year. Temperature here varies from 24 degree to 40 degree Celsius during summer months. May is the hottest month with the mercury shooting up to almost 47 degree Celsius during daytime. Monsoon ranges from July to September with scanty rainfall. August witnesses the highest rainfall of about 70mm. The best time to visit this place is during the winters, when the weather is relatively cool. January and February are the coolest months with temperature ranging between 14 degree to 20 degree Celsius.

Rivers in Ranai

The Ghaggar river is the most important seasonal river of the region and is also the main source of water for the entire Rania town. The soil of this area is a mixture of Sierozem and Desert soils, which has given this region a mix of sandy and loamy soil. This soil mix is marginally fertile in nature and is suitable for crops like, Cotton, Rice and Wheat.

Demography of Rania

As per Census 2011, the total population of this town is approximately 25,123 with an overall literacy rate of 65%. The residents of this region mostly speak Hindi, Punjabi and Bagri languages. Urdu is also pretty popular over here due to the ancient Muslim presence. The most prominent religious beliefs prevalent are of Hindu and Sikh. There is a separate Vidhana Sabha constituency present in Rania since 2009 Assembly Elections.

Economy of Rania

Rania since earlier times had remained an agriculture prone community. Till today majority of the residing population earn their living through agricultural produce and distribution. With Rania holding the biggest grain market, many shops and stores of good quality Basmati rice are in operation. Many small industries like Haryana Straw Board Industries, Kissan Beej Company, Manglam Seeds, Dashmesh Seed Company, Sadbhawna Seeds Corporation etc. have their workshops in Rania. People of Rania lead a quiet life while all the communities live in harmony. All the necessary amenities are being provided by the local administration for the general mass.

Profile of Rania
Food Grains in Rania Market

Haryana Straw Board Industries
Address: Fatehpuria Road, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, Rania
Contacts: +(91)-9215005111

Singh Furniture Industries
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, Near Bus Stand, Sant Nagar, Tehsil Rania
Contacts: +(91)-9467131236, 9813439243

Shri Balaji Brick Industries
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, V. Jagmalera
Contacts: +(91)-9355385679

Tourist Attractions in Rania

When it comes to tourism, Rania region has got almost nothing interesting to present. There are hardly any tourist footfalls throughout the year. People especially small shop owners from various parts of Haryana pay visit to the biggest grain market of this region. “Tara Baba Kutia” is a pious and popular shrine present on the Rania road closer to Sirsa town. This shrine is visited by pilgrims from various parts of India. Beside this Hindu temple, one can locate a huge idol of Lord Shiva placed inside a natural formed cave. Although there is not much to see inside this town, but there are many interesting tourism places in the proximity. These are namely, Muktsar (Khidrane Dee Dhab), Mansa, Bathinda (Bhatinda), Shri Ganganagar (Ganganagar) and Hansi.

Shopping in Rania

Rania is not a shopper’s paradise place, but has all essential and daily need stores present. Shagun Shopping Centre and Jai Shopping Centre are two of the most popular shopping arcades of the region. During weekends, these arcades remain filled up with families who are out on a leisure evening with friends.

Restaurants in Rania

Rania has grown over time from a small backward village to a town of urban amenities. The place does not have any big hotel or restaurants, but there are few well known food corners present. Kulwant Chichen Corner, Chawla Juice House, Singla Sweets & Restaurant, Raj Vashno Dhaba, Monga Juice & Coffee House, Kashish Juice House and Arora Sweets are some of the popular hangout places.

Singla Sweets & Restaurant
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, Bhagat Singh Chowk
Phone: +(91)-9416351966

Chawla Juice House
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, Near Old Bus Stand
Phone: +(91)-9812440536

Raj Vashno Dhaba
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, Opp. New Bus Stand
Phone: +(91)-9996751009, 9416794034

Kulwant Chicken Corner
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076, Sirsa Road
Phone: +(91)-9896454886

Healthcare Services in Rania

Hospitals in Rania
Healthcare Services

The healthcare scenario of Rania town is still lagging behind. The Janta General & Babaseer Hospital is the main public hospital of the entire tehsil. The hospital is equipped with basic facilities and two operation theatres. The state government is on a constant support to provide quality medical facilities for the residents of this place. Rania Community Health Centre is another small hospital which offers basic medicines and fast aid for the needy. This centre also offers free health checkups and many other medical programs for the poor from time to time. Surya Eye & General Charitable Hospital and Shree Ramji Eye Care Hospital are two well known specialised eye care units. Other than these, there are few medical stores and diagnostic labs present in Rania. H

Hospitals in Rania

Janta General & Babaseer Hospital
Address: Near Hariyalai Bazar, Jeevan Nagar Road, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076,
Phone: +(91)-9068299001

Rania Community Health Centre
Address: Near Rania Railway Station, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-1666-221197

Surya Eye & General Charitable Hospital
Address: Balasar Road, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9991535036, 9466536888

Shree Ramji Eye Care Hospital
Address: Old Bus Stand, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9812663521

Chemists in Rania

Ramesh Medicos
Address: Old Bus Stand, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9416618907

Khurana Medicos
Address: Bhagat Singh Chowk, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9416351471

Sodhi Medicos
Address: Nakora Bazar, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9255894815, 9254892618, +(91)-1698-251948

Kewal Medical Hall
Address: Nakora Bazar, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9416679399

Mahesh Medicos
Address: Main Bazar, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9996751866

Dashmesh Medicos
Address: Old Bus Stand, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9466376914

Ram Medicine
Address: Old Bus Stand, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9255132748

Banks in Rania

Banks are the most important financial intermediary of any economy. Access to a banking account is a priority nowadays in any major city or a small town or even a village. The town of Rania offers an array of bank branches both national and private for the residents of the place. The list below consists of all the main bank branches present inside Rania town with their contact details.

State Bank of India
Address: 1st Floor, Sadar Bazar, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-1698-225844
IFSC Code: SBIN0006035
MICR Code: 125002161

Punjab National Bank
Address: Sirsa Road, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9315454167, +(91)-1698-251700
IFSC Code: PUNB0456200
MICR Code: 125024602

State Bank of Patiala
Address: Rania, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9729875005
IFSC Code: STBP0000602
MICR Code: 125007602

HDFC Bank Ltd
Address: Sirsa Road, Near Punjab National Bank, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9996243333
IFSC Code: HDFC0002327
MICR Code: 125240602

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Address: Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-1666-250750
IFSC Code: ORBC0101764
MICR Code: 125022352

Central Bank of India
Address: Main Bazar Road, Village & Post Office Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-1698-250222, 18002001911
IFSC Code: CBIN0283114

Utility Services of Rania

Utility Services of Rania
Utility Services

Rania has got all the essential amenities present for the local residents. Rania has a small sub-Post Office which falls under the main post office of Sisra district, Hissar division. This office helps in letter despatch and other postal deliveries. To avail courier service people have to travel to the main Sisra town. All national courier services are available in Sisra. There are two petrol pumps in operation, Shri Radhe Petro Care and Suraj Filling Station. Few real estate agencies are also present, which help the urban population of the town with standard property search, property valuation and price negotiation. Guru Nanak Property Dealer, Shri Ganpati Property Dealer and Zamindara Property Dealer are the most renowned property dealers of Rania. There is no fire station in Rania. The nearest fire brigade is at the Sisra main town. The Police department of Rania is under the Sisra division of Haryana state. The entire town is under able administration of DSP Rania, who is responsible for maintenance of law and order in this region.

Post Offices in Rania

Rania Post Office
Address: Rania Main Town, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-1698-250230

Petrol Pumps in Rania

Shri Radhe Petro Care
Address: Village Jhorarnali, Rania Main Road, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9812900711

Suraj Filling Station
Address: Auto Market, Sirsa Road, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9254660490, +(91)-1698-250323

Property Dealers in Rania

Guru Nanak Property Dealer
Address: Thaid Chaminder Sing, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9467028237, 9416233212

Shri Ganpati Property Dealer
Address: B S School Wali Gali, Near Purana Bus Stand, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9992797007

Zamindara Property Dealer
Address: Opp. Patiala Bank, Sirsa Road, Rania, Sirsa-Haryana - 125076
Phone: +(91)-9812221836, 9812337918, 9812304918

Police Stations in Rania

Rania Police Station
Address: Rania, Sirsa, Haryana
Phone: 01668-250233, 9416200811

Transport in Rania

Rania is very well connected with all the major towns of Haryana as well as Delhi and Chandigarh. State government buses and local taxis can be availed to reach this town. The nearest railway station is Sisra, which is around 23 kms east and the nearest railway junction is of Bhatinda Junction, about 86 kms from the Rania town centre. Many major express and super fast trains of India touch this junction. Outside the station local taxi stands are available for public conveyance.

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